Network & Learn

This service has been essential to the success of many of our clients. When it comes to networking events, you can count on us to take it to the next level. You will meet like-minded people of color, and you get to enjoy a keynote speaker that will satisfy your mind & soul. We pride ourselves on exceptional events and guarantee you’ll love attending them.

Inspirational "Why" Series

I have seen a BIG need for business owners to remember their  “why.” Why they started their business, why she NEEDS to keep being creative, why she have to keep fighting and why she knows it will be worth it. I am offering women of color who have a business or brand to be a part of this series. I will be featuring a different woman's “why” on all of Empowered Essence's platforms. Telling your “why” to the world makes you more personable, relatable, and inspirational!

For a video up to 1 minute there will be a one time $50 editing fee . This includes your logo & your contact information in the video to drive more people to your platforms.


Share your "why" and continue to build your brand!


All-Inclusive Retreats

We aim to provide the highest level of excellence. With these retreats, we ensure all details are empowering, all-inclusive, seamless and handled in a  flawless manner. Whenever you work with Empowered Essence, you can trust that you’re in great hands.

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